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As an industrial solutions provider, we take a cross-functional approach and ensure that our entire team adapts to your individual applications throughout the entire process. To achieve this, we want to communicate with you right from the start, as no challenge, no requirement and no solution is the same. We define, design and combine our services and products based on our back-and-forth interaction with you. We support you throughout the entire decision-making process and actively involve you in creating the solution. Our points of contact have essential knowledge of the four core areas in order for us to fulfil your special requirements and achieve the highest levels of requirement coverage. The product and industry solutions presented here fully reflect the challenges and needs we observe in the market, which we solve using our range of products and services. As knowledge providers, we'll meet you online or in person to give you insight into the fascinating topics of our daily work.

Mechanical Engineering

Heavy, valuable machines, complex components and highly specific fields of activity within the mechanical engineering sector make high demands of work equipment and their users. Optimise your workflows and protect people and machinery through correct handling during ordinary and extraordinary assembly and transport processes.

The Chemical Industry

Your chemical companies are in the driving seat when it comes to converting natural materials and manufacturing synthetic substances. Above all, the specialist nature of this industry lies in the dangerous properties of chemicals and products. Transport your hazardous materials risk-free, lift plant components safely and protect your employees from serious accidents.

Energy Supply

The utility industry has very specific requirements for the required transport processes. These range from deployments far away from the coast and the right approach to hazardous materials. Benefit from our application specialists’ wealth of expertise and experience to protect your valuable goods during transport.

The Automotive Industry

Gain the competitive edge in the automotive industry’s highly dynamic market environment. Transport modules, components, parts or end products safely and within budget and benefit from efficiency improvements in your materials handling.

The Construction Industry

The high demand for public and private construction as well as development of transport infrastructures means that construction companies are breaking all the records with their orders. Receive advice and consultation for safely transporting your raw materials, equipment and components and protect your employees from falls in the areas of building construction and civil engineering.


Transport your packages safely and protect other road users by properly securing your loads. Not only by load securing but also by load unit securing. 

Product Solutions

Are you interested in individual products or services? We are also glad to advise you, if you are missing just a single element for your system. Discover our products in the areas of lifting, securing, conveying and packaging. Click through the workshops offered by our specialist academy or discover services for the different stages of your application process. 

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