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About Us

Values, Strategy, Vision and Philosophy

It means for us to combine our core areas lifting, securing, conveying and packing throughout the entire logistical process using the highest problem-solving expertise and providing the best possible value to our clients. Our values: 

  • Service: always reliable
  • Know-how: the basis for the best solutions 
  • Problem-solving expertise: focussing on the outcome
  • Quality: our gold standard
  • Flexibility: making the impossible possible

We are specialised in guaranteeing added value for our customers -  in the core areas of lifting, securing, conveying and packing. We provide the highest problem-solving expertise even for bespoke requirements. Along with innovation, providing creative, friendly advice and consultation in addition to sustainable reliability is a matter of course for us. Our know-how gives our customers competitive advantages and contributes to their success.


For us, service means unceasing, personal dedication to our customers. As a result, we primarily act as a consulting partner for our customers and ensure that expert discussions take place in a friendly, sophisticated atmosphere, which corresponds with the quality of our selected and successfully tested product range.

Market Position

We take the leading position when it comes to cleverly devised, tried and tested products for packing, lifting and lashing technology. We want to be number 1 for quality and value as well as for consultation and service.


Time changes and so do markets. That is why consistent development of our innovative products and application examples is so important for our customers’ success. We design and realise our customers’ ideas - from personalised consultation to the complete system installation right the way through to round-the-clock service provision. At the same time, we are constantly questioning existing solutions and developing new concepts with great innovative power for our customers’ success.


Our trainees and employees are individually supported, both personally and professionally according to their strengths and goals. We expect our employees to be creative and innovative and to enjoy challenges and achievements. Their interaction with each other is supportive, team-oriented and respectful. This is a result of a deeply ingrained culture of communication.

Sales Strategy

With over 600 daily customer contacts, we are continuously and systematically listening to the market. This ensures a range of products and services that is up-to-date, customer-orientated and in line with market requirements. In terms of customer focus, the motto “The customer is always right” certainly applies at Evers. The customer is at the heart of all our activity. Considerate service and consistent customer focus come as standard with us, as do unwavering friendliness, exemplary expertise and a human touch. 


The cornerstone of every relationship, regardless of whether this is between business partners, senior managers or employees, is trust. Without trust no manager can be successful, no customer can be retained and no company can be competitive in the long run. Every day we work to earn our customers’ trust.


Protection is a natural principle: what would become of humanity if we went around without being “wrapped up”? Wrapped up in clothing for protection against heat, cold, wind and weather. Only in this way can we protect our inner values, our health and our well-being. At the same time, this packaging also has a wide range of functions in every culture. It shows our affiliations (e.g. in the case of costumes and uniforms), our status and our tastes. Evers takes the same approach with valuable goods. Evers packs and cushions them to protect them from destructive influences, also during transport.