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We don’t want to support you just by selecting the perfect solution. With our Service, we provide you with the highest problem-solving expertise at every stage of your process: from delivery and assembly to testing, maintenance and repairs. We are glad to help you with your specific issues relating to your complete solution or your individual product.

Ongoing Testing

Maintenance of your work equipment

The Evers Service Team is equipped with modern testing devices and guarantees completely reliable implementation of testing and maintenance work. All work is carried out according to the current provisions and directives in force and is meticulously documented.

Selection of the Right Work Equipment

According to industrial health and safety regulations

Do you know what your objective is, but are unsure of the best way to achieve this? We support you in planning processes, selecting work equipment and instructing your employees on how to use them. 

Training on the Job

Ongoing guidance and support for your employees

If desired, we will guide your employees on every system, even on similar product lines by third-party manufacturers, which have not been supplied by us - and we will do so at any time, 24/7, 365 days a year. Within this framework, we will also be pleased to assist you in adapting your internal work instructions and documentation for your operating processes.

Repair Service

Quickly and reliably

Our trained specialists carry out necessary repair work quickly and reliably according to up-to-date manufacturer specifications. Your equipment is quickly returned to operation. We can carry out repairs on any manufacturer’s equipment and our repair service ensures your operational capability as well as preserving the value of your technical products, even in the case of third-party manufacturers.

Support in Creating Risk Assessments

According to working conditions regulations

According to working conditions regulations, employers are obligated to carry out a risk assessment before selecting any work equipment and for activities carried out by suitable employees in order to identify and eliminate or minimise existing risks. The risk assessment is the essential basis for identifying risks involved in activities, putting suitable protective measures into place and selecting suitable employees and work equipment. The aim is to eliminate risks for employees and equipment as much as possible. We are more than happy to help you with this.

Personalised Operating Manuals

As the basis for operators’ work instructions

As part of their obligations under accident insurance policies, operators must instruct employees on the risks and protective measures associated with the tasks they undertake. The basis for this is documentation that matches your system exactly. If desired, Evers will create an additional personalised operating manual in consideration of your system’s special requirements. This serves as a basis for creating operating and/or work instructions according to industrial health and safety regulations from the operator. We are also happy to provide training videos or image documentation.

Support during Initial Commissioning

Our customers’ systems are often very complex. Our product solutions are adapted to these requirements - custom-made products are our speciality. Users must be diligently trained and instructed in their operation. Sometimes, it only becomes apparent during commissioning that basic conditions are different than expected. We support you in adapting your processes. If required, we are happy to support your employees in commissioning products supplied by Evers and to provide you with initial training.

Delivery, Assembly and Acceptance

We can be wherever you need us and will also assist and advise you during and after delivery. On request, we will assemble machines, conveyor technology, crane systems and load handling attachments for you at your facility - we are reliable and cost-effective and have all the required certifications.

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