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At precisely 9 a.m., Evers managing director Johannes Trum opened the first

First Evers Scaffolding Event on 18 February 2010
At precisely 9 a.m., Evers Managing Director Johannes Trum opened the doors to the first Scaffolding Event, which was held in and around the Evers GmbH premises in Oberhausen on 18 February 2010.

Numerous discussions between Evers staff and representatives of the scaffolding sector indicated a pressing need for a special workshop of this type. Reservations concerning the use of personal protective equipment to prevent falls include: the fact that suitable fall arrest materials may not be available, the time and cost involved in training and acquisition of material, an aversion to the wearing of such equipment.

The workshop aimed to create an environment for an intensive exchange of views, ideas and information leading to "tailor-made" solutions for efficient scaffolding with PPE to prevent falls.

As we knew that the trade association, the regional administration in Dusseldorf and industrial safety specialists would take a similar view, it seemed more sensible to get everyone together to present important innovations in the area of fall protection to the more than 50 participants at the workshop. We made sure that there was plenty to see, hear and experience until late in the afternoon. Have a look yourself:

Ahead of the main event in the afternoon, live demonstrations on the scaffolding, the morning was given over to something more down to earth, albeit just as practically oriented. In the Evers seminar centre, fascinating presentations were given by the speakers below. The workshop participants were also encouraged to add their own questions, views, wishes and suggestions to the debate.

Wolfgang Schäper, BG BauBackground, development and use of a special safety system for scaffolding
Richard Rose, Regional Administration Dusseldorf:Roles, approaches and powers of the regional administration
Viktor Ricken, industrial safety specialist:What's new in the Technical Rules for Occupational Safety TRBS 2121 Part 1
Rainer Zielke, industrial safety specialist:Slinging points/options on scaffolding
Sascha Busch, Evers GmbHThe need for rescue measures

Following a lively exchange of information and substantial buffet, anyone who wanted an overview of the complete product range of Evers GmbH in the key areas of hoisting, securing, materials handling and packaging was warmly invited on a tour through the 2000 m2 exhibition area.

Live practice rescue of someone who has "fallen" from 10 m high scaffolding. Participants at the workshop were able to try out the rescue equipment for themselves and get an extremely good idea of its quality.

Back to the Evers seminar centre for the closing meeting and distribution of attendance certificates. Useful information was relayed and innovations announced, backgrounds and developments explained, information exchanged, facts learned, proposed solutions submitted, products presented and tested. We believe we covered all the angles. And if you do have questions, our Evers team is happy to help!

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