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Anybody can unpack. However, packing is an art. And anybody who does not have the required know-how for the industry may as well give up. Who likes chocolate bars that look like they have already traveled though Europe? How can you securely package, transport and load? This is the specialty of Evers GmbH in Oberhausen for 75 years.

Tie each cardboard box manually? Move it with muscular strength from left to right? Transport the pianowith the steel cable? That is much to complicated and often dangerous - for the person as well as for the products. This means for us: Safeguarding the product value. Evers GmbH focuses on the wrappings of things to ensure that the core does not get damaged. Those items that the end user often opens with knifes and scissors and discards carelessly was often cleverly packaged and secured with the help of modern machines. Evers orders state-of-the-art packaging machines from manufacturers across the globe and sells them to producing industries - for 65 different industries, Evers delivers the items for hoisting, safeguarding, transporting and packaging.

More than 60 employees are dedicated to research and fulfill the customer requirements. Evers is a commercial operation and therefore the customer is number One. We have very clear rules - the phone never rings more than three times! And we are always on the move with more than 600 customer contacts daily.

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