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Safety that can be planned!

EversTest Service - we are mobile for your safety!

Tests individually tailored for you!
The Evers Test Service is well equipped and qualified. The testers have successfully completed the qualification tests for non-destructive tests (e.g. chain crack tests) in accordance with EN 473 MT1/MT2

Your advantages summarised:

  • The Evers service team is equipped with modern test equipment and that guarantees a reliable execution of the tests.
  • The tests will be executed and exactly documents in accordance with the currently valid regulations and guidelines.
  • Possibly required repairs can be implemented immediately and your equipment can again be used quickly.
Mobile, traveling for you! You decide:
  • Evers in-house tests
  • Tests at your location

The following work equipment must be tested before commissioning and after major changes and regularly:

  • crane BGV D6
  • Load hoisting equipment in hoisting gear operations (traverses, hoisting devices, clamps, grippers, pliers, etc.) BGR 500
  • construction lifts BGV D7
  • hoisting platforms VBG 14
  • floor trucks (pallet truck, fork lift) BGV D27
  • person hoisting devices BGR 159
  • winches, hoisting and pulling equipment (hoisting jacks, lever chain hoists, cylinders to lift loads, force operated winches, etc.) BGV D8
  • force operated windows, doors and gates ZH 1/494
  • loading bridges and mobile ramps ZH 1/156

Evers Test and Repair Service
Approved tests!

The tests will be executed and documents in accordance with the currently valid regulations and guidelines. After the completed test, you will receive and exact list of all tested products and the respective test results.

Each of your devices will receive a unique identification number and this number will be used for the test documentation. This provides a traceable proof for the tests, results in time savings and therefore less documentation efforts and more safety!

Your security advantage!

Your hoisting devices will be subjected to a load test. The measured values will be monitored continuously on a PC. The modern test equipment has significantly lower measuring tolerance than conventional devices.

Security that pays for itself:

  • Frequent tests prevent personal injuries and property damages and prevent downtimes if your hoisting devices, etc. are repaired in time
  • Complete documentation enables you to provide proof to the adherence to legal regulations. You are also in a significantly better position when it comes to the enforcement of warranty claims against manufacturers
  • By performing frequent tests and maintenance, you will guarantee the value of your equipment and ensure a long service life

More information about the accident prevention regulations(UVV)


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