Manual hoisting equipment

Practical seminar with certificate of competence in the use and inspection of winches, lifting and towing/pulling equipment according to BGV D8

  • Overview of the BGV D8 and BGV D6
  • Use and selection of hoisting equipment
  • Structure and function of the different products
  • Possible areas of danger for users and material
  • Criteria for the inspection of hoisting equipment according to BGV D8
  • Practical exercise with dismantled hoisting equipment
Target group:
Persons who work with hand-held hoisting equipment or who are responsible for its use and inspection.
Legal basis

Machinery Directive

BGV A1 principles of prevention

Occupational Safety Regulations

Employers' and professional liability association's guidelines BGR 500-2.8
The objective is that, after the seminar, participants are able to assess proper use of hand-held hoisting equipment and have the necessary knowledge for its inspection in accordance with BGV & BGR.

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