Intensive lifting training

Technical seminar with certificate of competence in lifting and lashing equipment

  • Product and materials
  • Properties of the different slings
  • Consolidating basic knowledge
  • Discussion of practical examples
  • Safety instructions in accordance with BGR 500-2.8
Target group:
Persons involved in the lifting and moving of loads by crane.
Legal basis
Physical principles and influencing factors
Lifting technique options
Inspecting slings

Maschinery Directive

BGV A1 principles of prevention

Occupational Safety Regulations

Employers' and professional liability association's guidelines BGR 500-2.8
Descriptions and calculations of forces which occur

Mode factors

Conditions of use (temperature, sharp edges, chemicals)

Proper use of slings

Criteria for the selection of suitable slings

Possible sources of danger in lifting equipment
Legal basis of the inspection of slings

Assessing the discard criteria of slings

Inspection intervals

The objective is that after the seminar, participants are capable of independently choosing suitable lifting and lashing equipment in conformity with the regulations. You will be taught to foresee dangers and to use the slings economically and to inspect them.

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