Advanced fall protection course

Advanced course on personal protective equipment against falling from a height (based on BGG 906)

Target group:
Persons who
  • work in areas where there is a risk of falling
  • Already check or will check PPE against falls from a height (PSAgA) in the future
Basic requirements:
  • Age: at least 18 years old
  • Knowledge of use and handling PPE against falls from a height (PSAgA)
  • Current regulations, guidelines and rules of sound engineering practice
  • Selection of the correct PPE against falling
  • Holding and rescuing, markings, proper use, fall factors, minimum clear height
  • Anchor devices
  • Storage and maintenance, useful life, inspection/test intervals, manufacturer's information, discard criteria
  • Effect and measures following a fall, suspension trauma, rescue methods
  • Ergoline setup
  • Competent person inspections by each participant
  • Practical exercises with full body harnesses
  • Abseiling and/or rescue attempts
  • Final test

The objective is to acquire sufficient knowledge about PPE against falls from a height (PSAgA) to be able to safely and confidently assess/evaluate the safe working condition as well as proper use of PPW against falls from a height.

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