Transport monitoring

The best quality control ends when your products start on their way to your customers.
From experience, you know that conditions occur during transport or storage that negatively influence the quality of your product.
And that can get expensive: You lose not only money and the trust of your customers, but also your good reputation.
  • The MAG 2000 is designed for the transport and warehouse monitoring of particularly heavy, impact-se...
  • The heart of the Shockwatch label a precision glass tube that is partially filled with a red fluid. ...
  • As one of the best data loggers, the Shocklog Senior RD 298 connects the most advanced piezo electro...
  • Tiltwatch monitors in a simple, immediately recognizable and irreversibl way whether your product wa...
  • The Snapper container seal is a very reliable and self-locking bolt device for locking and simultane...

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