Lever hoists

Any task, one solution: The lever hoists by Evers are all-purpose devices for comfortable hoisting, pulling and rigging of loads. Robust housing, short lever arm, galvanised chain, asbestos free brake discs/span>, transmission with bush bearing - the list of the positive features is almost as long as the service life of these high performance hoisting devices. And they can be used universally.
  • Further development of the tried and tested PLH lever hoist! Even more robust and durable.
  • The D 85 lever hoist is the ideal choice for the moving and positioning of heavy machinery. Availabl...
  • The robust 53/07 lever hoist is available with lifting capacities of 800 to 9000 kg.
  • The new generation of PT all-purpose devices are characterised by enhanced technology and an improve...
  • The 50/07 lever hoist can be used for a wide range of hoisting, pulling and clamping applications.
  • Transport made easy with a lever hoist, the housing, lever and handwheel of which are made from heav...
  • The Handy mini lever hoist is constructed from sheet steel and is a small, lightweight all-purpose t...

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