With SpanSet TruXafe elements, curtainsiders can be quickly and easily retrofitted. In this way you can secure the load according to the requirements of the StVO §22 (German road regulations) and the new EN 12642 Code XL standard or VDI Guideline 2700 ff.

TruXafe push-fit side slats provide a significant increase in side wall strength and load restraint on curtainsiders. Due to the reinforced profile cross-section, the TruXafe pus-fit side slat can restrain up to four times more load than a conventional aluminium push-in side slat. Two rows of TruXafe push-fit side slats suffice for a vehicle body according to EN 12642 Code XL and adequate stability of the side uprights. This applies to 25 t lateral load restraint and a friction factor of at least 0.25 between the load and vehicle floor. Tests and road trials have confirmed that different types of load can be very effectively secured by means of mechanical restraint:

  • Barrels and drums (chemical industry)
  • BigBags
  • Sack goods
  • Drinks crates
  • Cage pallets
  • Soft paper reels
  • Palletised packaging units

The length of the TruXafe push-fit side slat can be individually adjusted to fit as many different body types and manufacturers' dimensions as possible.


The TruXafe system

If reinforced push-in side slats alone cannot provide the required hold, equip your vehicle with the complete TruXafe system. It consists of three elements:

  • Reinforced push-fit side slat with modular holes
  • Shoring bars with hook ends
  • Diagonally attached lashings

The shoring bars are additionally diagonally lashed to spread the lateral loads not only between the push-fit side slats and uprights.

This system consisting of shoring bars, push-fit side slats, lashing and uprights works perfectly: The whole framework forms a kind of sound "cage", which passes the lateral forces that occur into the floor frame of the vehicle's body.

The result in an extremely resistant, very light system for positive mechanical load restraint. This system is suitable for load weights of up to 2 t per 1 m body length.

TruXafe Nahaufnahme

Tested under real conditions

To ensure that the TruXafe system fulfils the requirements of the StVO and the relevant standards, we have had DEKRA the system tested. The results speak for themselves:

  • No bulges in the side walls despite large transverse acceleration (> 0-5 g)
  • Loads of up to 2 t per 1 m vehicle length held (approx. 26 t payload in total)
  • The load remained within its constrained loading spaces, even in the event of sudden braking manoeuvres and traffic lane changes.

TruXafe Nahaufnahme Einsteckplatz

Especially for vehicles according to Code XL

Several vehicle manufacturers already use the new guidelines for orientation purposes EN 12642 Code XL. You install side uprights which withstand a point load of up to 1300 daN. In addition, there is additional stiffening in the sliding roof, for example with diagonals. If vehicles with middle uprights and a point load of 400 daN to 750daN are built, a simple system for upright reinforcement can help to absorb lateral forces better: TruXafe Pro.

Prerequisite for use of TraXafe-Pro is that the load height in the respective upright area does not exceed approx. 1.6 m and no TruXafe shoring bars are used within the upright area. The one-piece upright lashing connection consists of a web lashing equipped with triangular hooks at both ends and on which a spring hooks is attached on both sides. The webbing between the spring hook and the triangular hook is protected by an additional abrasion protection hose.

TruXafe Gesamtaufnahme Innenverzurrung

Three vehicle body categories

Type A - simple curtainsider body without reinforced side tarpaulins: maximum lateral upright spacing approx. 3400 mm, 5 t end-face strength, test certificate according to EN 12642 or EN 12642 Code L and EN 283.

Type B - Curtainsider body tested according to EN 12642 Code XL: maximum lateral upright spacing approx. 3400 mm. If this vehicle is used for the transport of chemical products, it is recommended to keep the reinforced side tarpaulins (curtains). For these vehicles, the size of the centrally applied point load which the middle upright can withstand must be confirmed by the manufacturer. This body only falls within category B if the middle upright withstands a force of 400-800 daN.

Type C - testing and design as type B; however, the middle upright point load = 1250 daN.

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