Securing skips

Y lashing

Use top over lashing only for skips, e.g. Y lashing is not sufficient:
Ice, oil, clay or dirt cause a low friction value of approx. μ = 0.1, even in friction-increasing mats.

The only safe option is diagonal lashing such as V, X or trapezoidal lashing with fixed connection to the lashing point and the suspension pivot. This means there must be a turnbuckle on each lashing leg. longer tensioning time but absolutely safe. The smaller the vertical angle α, the higher the container weights that can be transported – or a thinner chain can be chosen


Secure against the direction of travel with the same angle α = 30° another size smaller, i.e. 6 mm! That saves costs and makes for easier handling. The lateral restraint must be provided in the form of a fixed anchor.


Suitable load-bearing, tested lashing points must be available on the vehicle. Ask your SIP partner or vehicle manufacturer. ICE or VIP container lashing chains enable fast, easy and positive lashing of the containers in and against the direction of travel. The multi-clutch or shortening hook shortens the chain leg without lashing capacity reduction. All components conform to EN 12195-3.

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