Discard criteria and testing of web lashings

Lashings must be inspected at least once a year by a competent person. More frequently, depending on the use conditions. Repair work may only be carried out by the manufacturer or a person authorised by them.

Discard criteria for web lashings

Tensioning devices

Cuts larger than 10 % on the webbing edge and excessive wear, as repair is no longer possible.

Damage to the seams / stitching.

Deformation due to heat.

Tensioning devices

Deformations in the tensioning device in the slotted shaft, the transport slide, wear in the ring gears or broken tensioning lever.

Connecting components

Widening of the hook by more than 5 %. Cracks, fractures, substantial corrosion, permanent deformation.


Illegible details on the label.

Missing label.


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