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    Competent person

    Who is a competent person? A definition of a competent person.

    LOADHOG lids are ideal for...

    ...the food industry, different production processes, the automotive industry, use in closed cycles.

    Information material

    You would like a free demonstration DVD? Or a DIN A2 poster on the ...

    Anwendungsmöglichkeit Schäkel

    Shackle application areas

    Shackles are used as an exchangeable connecting link in hoisting and in static systems, to connect w...

    Shackle types

    Each shackle has a special design for the respective application. For example, the super green pin s...


    Shackle assembly

    Ensure that the shackle pin has been correctly screwed into the shackle eye, i.e. tightened hand-tig...

    Notes on attachment below the load's centre of gravity with lifting beams

    Please note and comply!

    Do you have sensitive components or electrical parts to pack?

    Your goods are wrapped in seconds!

    You are looking for other cut sizes for your packing paper?

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