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    Vorschaubild Coil wenden

    Turning of coils - fast, safe and simple

    Turn coils quickly, safely and easily. Have a look yourself.


    Changes for lifting equipment in line with the new EU Machinery Directive

    The previous Machinery Directive 98/37/EU ceased to be valid on 29.12.2009. The provisions of the ne...


    Flexible on the outside, hard as steel on the inside! Surface reinforcement

    The patented steel plate insert prevents sharp edges from penetrating the external fabric and at the...


    Non-slip finish for oily and damp surfaces

    Even on damp and oily surfaces, the ground-in surface drainage pattern provides a good grip for the ...

    Useful information on chain lifting tackle

    Find out everything you could ever want to know about hoisting chains here.

    Structure of textile lashing

    A differentiation is made between one-piece and two-piece web lashings. The one-piece web lashing (s...

    Discard criteria and testing of web lashings

    Lashings must be inspected at least once a year by a competent person. More frequently, depending on...


    VarioWeb - So easy to handle

    How to shorten your webbing lifting gear in 5 steps.

    Auswahltabelle Ersatzlastketten

    Selection table for hoisting chains

    Here is a rough classification of the chain grade applications.

    Securing skips

    Use top over lashing only for skips, e.g. Y lashing is not sufficient: Danger!!! Ice, oil, clay or ...

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