Securing pallets with efficiency

Using the example of an automotive parts supplier


Case study in the vehicle industry

Everybody wins!

The company:
A worldwide operating auto parts supplier with an annual turnover of 3.9 billion dollars

Each year, 222 tonnes plastic and 30 million working hours are "wasted" for packaging.
Costs of around 400 million British pounds (approx. 600 million €) are incurred in the logistics sector alone.
Due to the competitive situation and high customer requirements, the company goes to great trouble to save costs and to work in an environmentally friendly way.
This includes the removal of wooden pallets and in particular the minimisation of disposable packaging such as cases or shrink-wrap film in the logistics cycle.
In collaboration with the innovative Sheffield company Loadhog, which has developed a returnable system, a pilot project was set up for the restructuring of the packaging department.

The company was equipped with 1,000 Loadhogs.
These 100% recyclable lids with integrated tensioning straps have been especially developed for securing goods loads on standard wooden and plastic pallets and replace film and strapping.
By changing over to the returnable system in 2 locations, the auto parts supplier estimates it will save 250,000 British pounds annually.
The company also plans to integrate the Loadhog in the transport cycle at other locations to increase the savings.

The Loadhog has led to a cost reduction, on the one hand through minimisation of the material used in the whole supply cycle and also due to the considerably less work and handling required.

The packaging engineer said: "Replacement of the disposable packaging with the Loadhog in all areas in which it is possible has already become part of our corporate philosophy.

The new packaging technician Steve Baker said: "Part of our company character is to get rid of things such as cartons, shrink-wrap film, buckles and wooden pallets, which we now do with Loadhog. The costs for material movements in work processes are very high but we can see significant savings through use of the Loadhog lid system."

The key to everything is time.
It takes over a minute to stretch a pallet, which Loadhoglid manages in 20 seconds. The system is also far safer, which avoids negligent product damage. From a health and safety point of view, individual packaging and wooden pallets are notorious of the risk of stumbling they cause. There is also a risk of protruding nails for the people at work. The Loadhog lids and pallets make all these problems disappear and from every angle this is a real winner – you save money and help the environment.

The benefits:
  • Unachieved load stability: reduced spillages and damage
  • Convenient use: Securing pallets with films and strapping takes more than 40 seconds longer per pallet than Loadhog
  • Removal of waste: considerable cost savings for the removal of disposable packaging materials
  • Safe use: Straps which can be drawn through again allow a worker to safely pack the load with little effort – up to 140 kg tensile force can be applied without tearing the strap
  • A tidy workplace: improve your working environment by removing expensive, dangerous and unattractive waste
  • Stackability: The Loadhoglid can be stacked twice or three times to achieve maximum utilisation and to maintain space in the warehouse
  • Securing loads: Tamper-evident fasteners can be attached to the lid to prevent misuse (theft)
  • Brand: The strap and cover stand for brand awareness
  • Tracking and traceability: The lids can be fitted with an RFID label to track the respective dispatches
  • Versatility: can be used to transport tote bins, trays and conventional cardboard boxes

The main field of use for the system will be in the supply chain, for international packaging and means of transport when they are shipped to European customers and sub-suppliers.

Steve Baker added: "The potential savings through use of Loadhog is astronomical and that is money which is directly added to the profit margin.

Everybody wins!

There are no disadvantages and we were very impressed, not only by the product but also by the service we received."
  Loadhog for industrial pallet sizes (LxW in mm): 1200 x 1000
Prod. no. Description Attachment Alte Art.Nr.
460101006   Loadhog 1200/1000 2 straps long side 2 straps long side  151510L2
460101005   Loadhog 1200/1000 2 straps short side 2 straps short side  151510K2
460101004   Loadhog 1200/1000 4 straps 4 straps  151510A4
  Loadhog for Euro pallet sizes (LxW in mm): 1200 x 800
Prod. no. Description Attachment Alte Art.Nr.
460101003   Loadhog 1200/800 2 straps long side 2 straps long side  151500L2
460101002   Loadhog 1200/800 2 straps short side 2 straps short side  151500K2
460101001   Loadhog 1200/800 4 straps 4 straps  151500A4

LOADHOG lids are ideal for...

...the food industry, different production processes, the automotive industry, use in closed cycles.

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