Pirate ship hanging on Evers GmbH's ropes

CentrO. issued an order to Evers GmbH for the sling tackle for transporting the pirate ship

By chance, during a visit to the large CentrO construction site, Johannes Trum, managing director of the "packaging artist" Evers GmbH based in Oberhausen-Buschhausen, heard about the transport of the pirate ship from the "dry dock" in front of the CentrO exhibition pavilion into the lagoon in front of the CentrO-Park pirate island planned for 01 September 1996. The largest load heavy lift helicopter in the world will fly the 22.75 metre long, 5.80 metre wide and 18 tonne heavy ship to the leisure park where it will be used as an interesting play area for children.

At this time the choice of suitable lifting technique was still a problem. Johannes Trum was spontaneously able to help, by offering to provide slings and special lifting beams for this unusual transport, under the supervision of Evers' expert Christoph Bergforth. Evers GmbH is the longstanding factory representative of SpanSet GmbH & Co.KG in Übach-Palenberg, the European market leader in the textile hoisting and lashing sector. The two companies immediately identified the special problem in this case. Together with the Turkish shipbuilder, a special lifting construction was designed for which CentrO. issued an order to Evers GmbH and which will safely carry the pirate ship to its intended destination.

The sling system consists of four-piece, flexible polyester webbing, onto which the lashing is sewn, with the help of which the precise, predetermined position of the four harnesses are adjusted, slip-free, on the ship. The four harnesses are tied together on SpanSet-Secutex lifting beams, which are in turn hung into the carrying element of the helicopter. The special feature: The complete load-bearing construction weighs only 390 kg, but could carry 40,000 kg.

Among other things, SpanSet slings and round slings were used to lift the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Denkmal monument in Koblenz (71 to) and the Quadriga in Berlin (7.5 to) to their accustomed places. These are only two examples of the diverse application possibilities of the technically highly developed SpanSet products. SpanSet slings are, however, mainly used worldwide in the industrial sector. Load movements with up to 200,000 kg capacity are not rare.

  Load-carrying capacity (kg): 10000
Prod. no. Description Length (m) Alte Art.Nr.
1101070100010   SpanSet magnum 10000, L1=1m MG010001
1101070100015   SpanSet magnum 10000, L1=1.5m 1,5  MG0100015
1101070100100   SpanSet magnum 10000, L1=10m 10  MG010010
1101070100020   SpanSet magnum 10000, L1=2m MG010002
1101070100030   SpanSet magnum 10000, L1=3m MG010003
1101070100040   SpanSet magnum 10000, L1=4m MG010004
1101070100050   SpanSet magnum 10000, L1=5m MG010005
1101070100060   SpanSet magnum 10000, L1=6m MG010006
1101070100070   SpanSet magnum 10000, L1=7m MG010007
1101070100080   SpanSet magnum 10000, L1=8m MG010008
  Load-carrying capacity (kg): 100000
Prod. no. Description Length (m) Alte Art.Nr.
1101071000100   SpanSet magnum 100000, L1=10m 10  MG1000010
1101071000020   SpanSet magnum 100000, L1=2m MG100002
1101071000030   SpanSet magnum 100000, L1=3m MG100003
1101071000040   SpanSet magnum 100000, L1=4m MG100004
1101071000050   SpanSet magnum 100000, L1=5m MG100005
1101071000060   SpanSet magnum 100000, L1=6m MG100006
1101071000070   SpanSet magnum 100000, L1=7m MG100007
1101071000080   SpanSet magnum 100000, L1=8m MG100008
  Load-carrying capacity (kg): 15000
Prod. no. Description Length (m) Alte Art.Nr.
1101070150010   SpanSet magnum 15000, L1=1m MG015001
1101070150015   SpanSet magnum 15000, L1=1.5m 1,5  MG0150015
1101070150100   SpanSet magnum 15000, L1=10m 10  MG0150010
1101070150020   SpanSet magnum 15000, L1=2m MG015002
1101070150030   SpanSet magnum 15000, L1=3m MG015003
1101070150040   SpanSet magnum 15000, L1=4m MG015004
1101070150050   SpanSet magnum 15000, L1=5m MG015005
1101070150060   SpanSet magnum 15000, L1=6m MG015006
1101070150070   SpanSet magnum 15000, L1=7m MG015007
1101070150080   SpanSet magnum 15000, L1=8m MG015008
  Load-carrying capacity (kg): 20000
Prod. no. Description Length (m) Alte Art.Nr.
1101070200010   SpanSet magnum 20000, L1=1m MG020001
1101070200015   SpanSet magnum 20000, L1=1.5m 1,5  MG0200015
1101070200100   SpanSet magnum 20000, L1=10m 10  MG0200010
1101070200020   SpanSet magnum 20000, L1=2m MG020002
1101070200030   SpanSet magnum 20000, L1=3m MG020003
1101070200040   SpanSet magnum 20000, L1=4m MG020004
1101070200050   SpanSet magnum 20000, L1=5m MG020005
1101070200060   SpanSet magnum 20000, L1=6m MG020006
1101070200070   SpanSet magnum 20000, L1=7m MG020007
1101070200080   SpanSet magnum 20000, L1=8m MG020008
  Load-carrying capacity (kg): 25000
Prod. no. Description Length (m) Alte Art.Nr.
1101070250010   SpanSet magnum 25000, L1=1m MG025001
1101070250015   SpanSet magnum 25000, L1=1.5m 1,5  MG0250015
1101070250100   SpanSet magnum 25000, L1=10m 10  MG0250010
1101070250020   SpanSet magnum 25000, L1=2m MG025002
1101070250030   SpanSet magnum 25000, L1=3m MG025003
1101070250040   SpanSet magnum 25000, L1=4m MG025004
1101070250050   SpanSet magnum 25000, L1=5m MG025005
1101070250060   SpanSet magnum 25000, L1=6m MG025006
1101070250070   SpanSet magnum 25000, L1=7m MG025007
1101070250080   SpanSet magnum 25000, L1=8m MG025008
  Load-carrying capacity (kg): 30000
Prod. no. Description Length (m) Alte Art.Nr.
1101070300010   SpanSet magnum 30000, L1=1m MG030001
1101070300015   SpanSet magnum 30000, L1=1.5m 1,5  MG0300015
1101070300100   SpanSet magnum 30000, L1=10m 10  MG0300010
1101070300020   SpanSet magnum 30000, L1=2m MG030002
1101070300030   SpanSet magnum 30000, L1=3m MG030003
1101070300040   SpanSet magnum 30000, L1=4m MG030004
1101070300050   SpanSet magnum 30000, L1=5m MG030005
1101070300060   SpanSet magnum 30000, L1=6m MG030006
1101070300070   SpanSet magnum 30000, L1=7m MG030007
1101070300080   SpanSet magnum 30000, L1=8m MG030008
  Load-carrying capacity (kg): 40000
Prod. no. Description Length (m) Alte Art.Nr.
1101070400100   SpanSet magnum 40000, L1=10m 10  MG0400010
1101070400020   SpanSet magnum 40000, L1=2m MG040002
1101070400030   SpanSet magnum 40000, L1=3m MG040003
1101070400040   SpanSet magnum 40000, L1=4m MG040004
1101070400050   SpanSet magnum 40000, L1=5m MG040005
1101070400060   SpanSet magnum 40000, L1=6m MG040006
1101070400070   SpanSet magnum 40000, L1=7m MG040007
1101070400080   SpanSet magnum 40000, L1=8m MG040008
  Load-carrying capacity (kg): 50000
Prod. no. Description Length (m) Alte Art.Nr.
1101070500100   SpanSet magnum 50000, L1=10m 10  MG0500010
1101070500020   SpanSet magnum 50000, L1=2m MG050002
1101070500030   SpanSet magnum 50000, L1=3m MG050003
1101070500040   SpanSet magnum 50000, L1=4m MG050004
1101070500050   SpanSet magnum 50000, L1=5m MG050005
1101070500060   SpanSet magnum 50000, L1=6m MG050006
1101070500070   SpanSet magnum 50000, L1=7m MG050007
1101070500080   SpanSet magnum 50000, L1=8m MG050008
  Load-carrying capacity (kg): 60000
Prod. no. Description Length (m) Alte Art.Nr.
1101070600100   SpanSet magnum 60000, L1=10m 10  MG0600010
1101070600020   SpanSet magnum 60000, L1=2m MG060002
1101070600030   SpanSet magnum 60000, L1=3m MG060003
1101070600040   SpanSet magnum 60000, L1=4m MG060004
1101070600050   SpanSet magnum 60000, L1=5m MG060005
1101070600060   SpanSet magnum 60000, L1=6m MG060006
1101070600070   SpanSet magnum 60000, L1=7m MG060007
1101070600080   SpanSet magnum 60000, L1=8m MG060008
  Load-carrying capacity (kg): 80000
Prod. no. Description Length (m) Alte Art.Nr.
1101070800100   SpanSet magnum 80000, L1=10m 10  MG0800010
1101070800020   SpanSet magnum 80000, L1=2m MG080002
1101070800030   SpanSet magnum 80000, L1=3m MG080003
1101070800040   SpanSet magnum 80000, L1=4m MG080004
1101070800050   SpanSet magnum 80000, L1=5m MG080005
1101070800060   SpanSet magnum 80000, L1=6m MG080006
1101070800070   SpanSet magnum 80000, L1=7m MG080007
1101070800080   SpanSet magnum 80000, L1=8m MG080008

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