Innovative, systematic packaging logistics

Conveyor and packaging system at "eaf computer service supplies gmbh" from Goch

To stay competitive, it is becoming increasing important for companies to improve their warehouse logistics with innovative and economic automation measures. What is needed are intelligent system solutions with modular designs, which are flexibly adapted to individual customer wishes and operational sequences.

Improving in-house logistics therefore becomes an essential building block for successful management.

In its search for an efficient conveyor and packaging system, the IT company eaf computer service supplies gmbh from Goch chose a modular packaging system from Soco A/S, which is sold, installed and serviced through Evers GmbH in Oberhausen (

The customer's requirement
In the incoming goods department, the products are to be registered using computerised methods, to then be transported in small load carriers on roller conveyors to the planned storage place.

Small load carriers are also available for the order picking, which are to transport the products by means of conveyors to the testing and dispatch stations, where they will be packed for dispatch.

Project planning
First, Evers GmbH's project team planned the whole packaging line with its computing registration stations, conveyor belts, packing stations, equipment modules and a case sealer and strapper in close collaboration with eaf computer service gmbh and produced true to scale models. These models are ideally suited for the initial rough planning. Individual modules can be quickly added, rearranged or removed. The result was – in model form – a modern, modular conveyor and packaging system over two levels which fully satisfied all the customer's requirements and wishes.

It was then followed by the second planning stage. Construction and building plans were then used by the Evers project team to produce a true to scale AutoCAD drawing. The team has been solving handling and packaging tasks in different industries for many years. State of the art technologies within intelligent process control, many years' experience of the project team and careful planning ensure that the system runs smoothly on startup.

Implementation: Incoming goods and storage
Compact, space-saving system packing stations equipped with all the necessary equipment and materials were created. The employees of eaf computer services GmbH look forward to the ergonomic advantages of their new workstations. Variable supply levels at different heights ensure handy, easy to reach arrangement of equipment and resources. Here the team checks incoming goods and registers the data using a computing system. The products are then sorted into small load carriers, which have an EAN code. Driven roller conveyors fitted with easy running, low-noise and wear-free rollers, transport the small load carriers to different control systems. The containers are identified by the EAN codes stuck on them and are conveyed to the storage areas provided over two levels.

Implementation: Order picking and packaging
The ordered products are put together in small load carriers and transported on driven roller conveyors to the testing and packaging stations. The products are packed in cartons at ergonomic system packing stations, equipped with all the necessary materials and utensils.

eaf computer services chose a user and environmentally friendly Soco System T-55 case sealing machine to close the boxes; the machine fully automatically adjusts itself to varying case formats. The case covers and bottoms are sealed with a 50mm wide self-adhesive tape. The robust machine can be operated from two sides. The T-55 sets itself apart through its high quality characteristics. For example, the fast and simple adhesive tape replacement ensures quick sealing by the adhesive tape dispenser. The automatic format adjustment is controlled by compressed air. The compressed air can be so finely metered that even sensitive cartons are not damaged. Despite its "sensitivity", the T-55 is of robust quality and therefore designed for years of continuous operation under industrial conditions.

Particularly heavy and voluminous cases are secured by additional strapping with tear-resistant, edge-protecting polypropylene tapes. For this the Evers project team recommended the RQ-8 automatic strapping machine of the Japanese company StraPack. The RQ-8 has made a name for itself as a robust "hard labourer". The machine has been especially developed for continuous industrial use. The features include easy strap insertion, automatic feeding in of new straps, automatic strap loop ejection, lubrication-free operation and safe strap double tensioning. Reliability, speed, user-friendliness, innovative design and low maintenance make it the most economic strapping machine on today's market.


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