Corrosion protection for ThyssenKrupp Schulte GmbH

Thyssen Krupp Schulte was looking for suitable corrosion protection for steel sections of different sizes. The partly oiled steel sections were to be stored in a warehouse without air conditioning for a period of approx. two years.

Thyssen Krupp Schulte was looking for suitable corrosion protection for steel sections of different sizes. The partly oiled steel sections were to be stored in a warehouse without air conditioning for a period of approx. two years.

Evers GmbH's experts recommended that ThyssenKrupp Schulte GmbH use the corrosion protection film Type E from Excor® (rolled film), thickness 150µm, and pretreatment of unoiled steel strips with corrosion protection oil. After being packed in film the ends of the film are fixed with adhesive tape.

This ensures optimum corrosion protection. The rolls of film are cut to size on site by means of a cutting stand. In this way the different bar lengths can be quickly packed in film. The handling is extremely easy, but the corrosion protection effect is optimum.

Perfect all-round corrosion protection for transport goods with VCI packaging

VCIs are volatile corrosion inhibitors which are integrated in different packaging materials (e.g. polyethylene, polypropylene, foam, paper, solid fibreboard and corrugated board). A uniformly distributed concentration of vaporised corrosion inhibitors forms in the free air space within an enclosed VCI packaging. These inhibitors are attracted to packed metal objects and form an invisible protective film on the surface of the metal.

This protective film consists of VCI active agents, which prevent corrosion together in complex protective mechanisms as long as the metal object is within the enclosed, sealed packaging. Such packaging provides corrosion protection for storage and worldwide transport. When the packaging is opened the VCI protective film evaporates from the metal surface and allows unlimited direct further use without cleaning procedures.

Evers GmbH sells corrosion protection products with the VCI method of Excor® GmbH. The films combine the tried and tested corrosion protection effect with the wide functional and application range of polyethylene films in the packaging. The films are available in different made-up forms, for example, as flat, tubular, stretch and bubble wrap film, bags and hoods. Additional features such as UV protection, increased mechanical strength, transparency and flame retarding can be combined with the corrosion protection effect. The corrosion protection active agents sublimate into the atmosphere on both sides. This means the user does not have to ensure a specific action direction. Depending on the type used, specific metals and alloys are protected in direct contact, as well as beyond the vapour phase within the enclosed, sealed packaging. Under normal circumstances the corrosion protection effect is guaranteed for at least two years.

Outwardly, VCI papers from Excor® is not obviously different from an uncoated paper. It is abrasion resistant, recyclable, is suitable for disposal in landfill, combustible and acts on both sides and extensively, even in high humidities. Commonly used VCI papers used to date lose their VCI effect relatively quickly when unpacked. Ageing tests using Excor VCI papers on the other hand show a substantially improved useful life.

The corrosion protection oil from Excor® is solvent-free, hydrolysis resistant and not emulsifiable in water. The oil has unlimited compatibility with the Excor VCI system. Its main use is for pretreating metal surfaces which are particularly corrosion sensitive so that they are protected even before they are packaged.

The large advantages at a glance:

  • Economic: The transported goods reaches the recipient clean and dry. No more corrosion damage, as a result no more replacement costs either, no production losses, no image loss
  • Easy handling: Pack the metal parts to be protected and seal the packaging - finished. The VCI active agent is effective on both sides for at least two years, even in conditions with high relative humidity
  • Saves time: Additional measures such as preservation and preservation removal are no longer required. The VCI corrosion protection is part of the packaging.
  • Wide range of functions and applications: The VCI products are available as different types and made-up forms: e.g. flat, tubular, stretch and bubble wrap film, bags, hoods, paper, foam and oil
  • Safe for the environment and health
  • Reusable and recyclable: suitable for disposal in landfill (household waste), combustible
  • Simplified customs procedures: The films provide transparency for customs controls
  • Certified to EN ISO 9001:2000


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