Protection is a natural requirement

What would have happen to mankind if we would not be "packaged"? Packaged in clothes to protect against heat, cold, wind and weather. This is the only way to protect our inner values, our health and our well-being. These packagings have in each culture additional other functions. They show our affiliation (e.g. traditional costumes and uniforms), our status and our taste.

Safeguarding the high-quality content

Similar to the animal kingdom: The coat of a bird does not only provide insulation, it is also decoration and an identifier for the respective bird family. Many animals protect their offsprings from the beginning: The content of an egg is "packaged" in a protecting shell and it is laid into a soft nest. Kangaroo babies are "transported" in their mother's pouch and snails have their houses always with them. In the same manner, Evers takes care of valuable items. Evers packages and cushions them to protect them against damaging impacts - also during transport.

The art of packaging,

requires that everybody is satisfied. In today's market, the subject of packaging will no longer be accepted as a given, but is is discussed in controversial terms. The question of adequate and environmentally friendly packagings is at the center of discussions. However, what is the correct packaging for the application? Significant differences can be found in the requirements. The "packaging regulations" and the "Grüne Punkt (green point, German recycling program)" request reduced, recyclable packagings. The manufacturer needs cost effective and efficient packagings. The carrier prefers standardised and palletisable packagings. The retailer prefers them suitable for sales promotions and at the same time disposal friendly. Und the consumer does not want any packaging or an attractive packaging or even an especially sumptuous packaging for presents. No wonder that the subject has become a scientific endeavour.

Evers helps to reduce packagings

Packagings found in nature that look tailored, e.g. banana or orange peels, represent packagings that are reduced to the essentials. A packaging that protects optimally and is also environmentally friendly. Or what spiders and swallow master exceptionally well when building their net or nest respectively - the stable connection of different parts with the help of a natural adhesive. These characteristics and skills have been noticed by Evers as an enthralling model for packagings and adhesive tapes. And since Evers also provides everything from a twine to a surface protection hoisting band and from a lashing strap to a fully automatic packaging line, therefore it is possible to select - in an independent and problem related manner - always those items that are the the most cost effective, efficient and environmentally protecting for each individual case. This is where Evers packaging philosophy comes in:

As little as possible and as much as necessary!

And wherever possible with recyclable natural materials! Evers packaging provides the above in the most efficient manner. This know-how is provided free of charge with the Evers products, which makes them more valuable for you.

Please utilise this advance!


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