Strategy & Vision


We are specialist in protecting the product values of our customers. Our focus is on the core areas hoisting, securing, transporting and packaging. We offer the highest solution competence, also for individual requirements. Our philosophy is based on innovative, creative and friendly consultations and sustainable reliability. Our know-how is used by our customers to provide them with a competitive advantage and contribute to their success.


Performance means to us never ending personal efforts for our customers. We see ourselves mainly as a consulting partner of our customers and put emphasis on the fact that the expert discussions take place in a friendly and high-level atmosphere, equivalent to the quality of our selective and successfully tested product offering.

Market position

We claim the leading position with respect to sophisticated and proven products for packagings as well as for Hebe- and lashing systems. We want to be number One in quality and usage as well as in consultation and service.


times change, markets too. This is the reason why the continuous advancements of our innovative products and application examples are so important for the success of our customers. We design and implement the ideas of our customers - from the individual consultation through the complete system installation to 24/7 services. We always question existing solutions and - with extensive innovation force - we develop new concepts for the success of our customers.

Sales strategy

With more than 600 customer contacts per day, we feel the "pulse of the market" systematically and continuously. This guarantees a modern, customer oriented and market conforming offering. Customer orientation "The customer has priority" is one of Evers mottos. The customer is the center of all activities. Compassionate service and consistent customer orientation are basic principles for us as much as consistent friendliness, exemplary competence and a human touch.


Our trainees and employees are professionally and personally cultivated individually in accordance with their strength and goals. We expect our employees to be creative and innovative and that they welcome challenges and successes. The employees treat each other with helpfulness, they are team oriented and respectful. An intense communication culture contributes to the above.


The core value for each relationship - whether between business partners, supervisors or employees - is trust. Without trust, leadership is not successful, customer loyalty cannot be achieved, and a company cannot be successful in the long term. We work hard every day to earn the trust of our customers.

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